1st Session of The Community Girl Project 2017 held at Ugbuwangue Centre

Our 1st Session for 2017 held at Miracle Teaching Centre, Ugbuwangue.

We started by asking the girls how they spent their holidays and how school life has been for them this year.

This took us to the first topic of the day, \’ME AND MY ENVIRONMENT\’ which led us to watch the first part of the documentary, \’NO WHERE TO RUN\’. It was indeed surprising at how quickly the girls understood the threat of #ClimateChange, #LandConflicts, #Desertification, etc. It is a main concern for us all about the state of our environment, this documentary is a means to hep the young girls to be aware of the present situation of our environment, especially in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

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The last topic for the day was #DrugAbuse and the class had the girls taking the lead. They mentioned drugs and alcohol mixtures we had no idea about (#SkirtandBlouse was the highlight). These girls know street names more than you think of alcoholic and drug substances abused in the community such as black bullet, monkey tail, blue bullet, black label, red label, Tramadol, codeine and a whole lots of them. We also had the opportunity of learning about the symptoms and consequences of drug abuse which the girls were happy to share their opinions and also tell stories of what they have seen in the community they live in.

We ended the class with our #LiteracyClass. The girls gave us their 14 new words they have learnt in the last two weeks. Our Literacy Class is to promote education as many young people are doing poorly in school, so we encourage the girls to engage in reading and writing as this is key to a sound education especially as young girls.

W also have an contest called #ActOnTheGo sponsored by ActionGx based on environmental issues.

#CatchThemYoung #StopDrugAbuse #Environment #NowhereToRun


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