2nd Sessions of The Community Girl Project

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The 2nd sessions of The Community Girl Project started with The Nowhere to Run Documentary, and the topics for the day were #gasflaring, #oilspills and mangroves as buttresses for our wetlands. The sessions were interactive because the topics are present realities affecting us in the Southern part of Nigeria. These issues raised questions such as Where do we run to when our lands are destroyed and how can we minimize the effect of gas flaring as it affects us in Warri?

We talked about the #Blacksoot and related it to the recent event in Port Harcourt as a result of #airpollution. The girls understood why Falcorp Mangrove Park was created and the role it plays in environmental education as well as acting as a conservation park for future generations. When asked what could be done to minimize the effect of gas flaring, the girls suggested encouraging tree planting, minimizing deforestation, building of green areas, etc.

The last topic for the day was #PeerPressure and how it affects young girls either positively or negatively. The girls were shared into groups of fours and they had to work as a team in presenting short plays depicting positive and negative peer pressure. The girls understood why positive peer pressure is good and why negative peer pressure leads to a failed society. Some of their suggestions as to how young girls can avoid negative peer pressure;

  1. Young girls should do away with friends who may influence them negatively.
  2. They should talk to their parents or decent elderly person if they feel under negative peer pressure
  3. Advise their friends against negative peer pressure

We concluded our class with 14 words and meanings as it is part of our Literacy class. We want girls to be able to read and write well. We keep encouraging the girls to participate as it helps them with their vocabulary. As part of the class, we shared them in groups based on their classes in schools. The secondary school students had English Language activities on Grammar and the Primary school students had Mathematics activities. It was all about knowing the different challenges the girls tend to face in school.

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