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The 3rd sessions at Ijala Ikenren (11/03/2017) and Ugbuwangue (18/03/2017) started with a recap of the previous class which had #PeerPressure and #Environment (#ClimateChange, #seaLevelRise, #Drought, #desertification, #Grazing) as the topics for the day. The girls were asked questions about the topics and they did well in answering most of the questions thrown at them. This shows they have a reasonable understanding of the topics two weeks after.

The 3rd session officially started with the topic, \’Dare to be different\’ and this was taught by Miss Oritsetsemaye Bibi who was volunteering with us for the first time. She explained what makes an individual to be different, how to be different and she asked the girls to explain how they think they can be #different. She asked the girls to continue to be good ambassadors of the project and their families by being different. She ended her class by citing some examples of Nigerian women who dared to be different in their fields such as:

  • Chief (Mrs) Nike Okundaye
  • Chimamanda Adichie
  • Ayodele Megbope
  • Olajumoke Orisaguna

The next topic for the day was a continuation of our video screening of the documentary, #NoWhereToRun. The topics covered in this episode were (#GasFlaring, #GlobalWarming, #Drilling, #OilSpill). The girls learnt so much about their immediate environment as gas flaring, drilling and oil spill are common acts they can relate with within their locality. The effects of gas flaring and oil spill on their environment has led to sicknesses that they could not understand their origin. They suggested tree planting as a way to curb the impacts of the gas flaring as the temperature around their environment keeps soaring.

The last topic for the day was #RoleModel. The girls were asked who their role model is, why is the person their role model and what have they learnt from the person. Most of the answers were mainly mum and dad but we had two of the girls choose their brother\’s wives as their role models. This was different from the norm and it was all good as we all learnt that people can have different role models.

Our 14 words and meanings ended the class for the day. This keeps improving the vocabulary of the girls while making them spell better.

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