4th Session (2017) of The Community Girl Project at Ijala Ikenren

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The 4th session at Ijala Ikenren started with a recap of the last class which covered #Environment and the #DareToBeDifferent. The girls were asked what they could remember from the class and they showed how well they have learnt about their environment with good responses to the questions thrown at them. They also explained why they have to be different and how they can be different.

The day’s business started with the #LiteracyClass and the girls were asked for their 14 words and meanings. It is interesting to know that they no longer try to avoid bringing new words for each class. They now enjoy the challenge of new words and their meanings.

The next topic was #Environment class with the screening of the #NoWhereToRun documentary. The sub topics for the day were; #Deforestation, #Erosion and #Flooding. The fact that our actions such as deforestation, inappropriate waste disposal, blocking of water channels, impact on the #Environment was discussed. The girls asked why we can’t build #Sustainable buildings and wondered why we don’t take #TreePlanting as a very serious task. It is not advisable to dump refuse in the drainage and water bodies. These always come back to harm us negatively. Stagnant water allows mosquitoes to breed which in turn is responsible for #Malaria. Other diseases are also picked up from an unhygienic #Environment.

The last topic for the day was #Attitude. This was facilitated by Mrs Confidence Okome. She started by explaining what #Attitude was and how it impacts on what we do as #girls. A #GoodAttitude takes you places while a #BadAttitude is like a flat tyre that needs to be changed before you can go anywhere. Some of the ways we can develop a good #Attitude is through;

  • Self-image and reformation
  • Education and hard work
  • Discipline and organisation
  • Belief in goodness
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