Chevron/PIND board of trustees visit to CMADI office

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Chevron/PIND Board of Trustees visited CMADI office at Egbokodo Itsekiri, warri as a follow up on the PIND\’s Peaceable and Livelihood Assessment for Community Engagement project.

Present to receive the PIND team were members from the Egbokodo Itsekiri and Ubeji communities who had participated in the Peaceable and Livelihood Assessment for Community Engagement project (Egbokodo Itsekiri micro credit scheme executives and beneficiaries, Ubeji cooperative society beneficiaries and Aquaculture farmers groups).

CMADI team were asked questions on the improved bio-sand filter production appropriate technologies developed by Green Hedge Solutions and CMADI. There were follow up questions from the trustees on if the products are acceptable by the public and numbers of house hold reached so far.

Beneficiaries from the PLACE project aired their thought on the support given to them by PIND and also express how grateful they were for the support rendered by PIND.