The Community Girl Project 8th Session at Ugbuwangue

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The Community Girl Project held her 8th session of 2017 at Miracle Teaching Centre, Word of Life Bible Church, Ugbuwangue on the 3rd of June, 2017. The class started with asking the girls what they have done through the week and what help they were able to render to others around them.

We had Miss Alero Otuedon taking the first class of the day with the topic: How to ward off distractions as a teenager. The distractions teenagers face are:

  1. Devices
  2. Peers
  3. Social media
  4. Boys
  5. TV
  6. Body changes
  7. Other activities at school

Ways to ward them off:

  1. They should set priorities
  2. Avoid procrastination
  3. Take a break
  4. Teens should choose having quality relationships with their family over friends

Engr. Norris Orighoye took the next topic for the day which was: Stress management for teenagers. This topic was necessitated by the rising rate of suicide by Nigerian teenagers. Even though we cannot ascertain the reasons for the suicides, it was important we discussed with the girls stress management. The girls were asked how they manage house chores, school work, playing and friends. They all gave different answers with most saying their parents shout on them for not doing their chores or school work before playing. Others said their friends leave them because they refused to give in to negative peer pressure. Some of the girls felt boys were their main stress as the boys won\’t stop asking them to date them. The girls were taught to manage stress by:

  1. Identify and then address the problem.
  2. Avoid stress When possible
  3. Let Some Things Go
  4. The Power of Exercise
  5. Active Relaxation
  6. Eat Well
  7. Sleep Well
  8. Visualize
  9. Take time out for yourself
  10. Enjoy hobbies or creative art as an instant vacation
  11. Take mini-vacations
  12. Reading
  13. Creativity
  14. Talking
  15. Journaling
  16. Prayer
  17. Laughing or crying
  18. Making the world better by helping and volunteering


The class ended as usual with our #Literacy class. The girls read out their new 14 words learnt in the last 14 days before the class.