COVID-19 Awareness and Computer Training Information

The tenth session of The Community Girl Project started with a welcome of the girls and boys from the recent lockdown that occurred in April 2020. There was a recap of the previous sessions before the lockdown which was the importance of Handwashing practices as young people to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Eunice started by emphasising the need for the young children to keep up their hygienic practices especially washing hands with soap and water to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

She also talked about the need to be safe out there in the community. Eunice encouraged the young children to be mindful of their movement during these uncertain times. She emphasised the benefits of informing parents and guardians about where they are going to and also to be respectful to the elderly ones.

2020 Computer Training

The Coordinator announced the upcoming digital skills training with Sage Concepts. It will be hosted at the Falcorp Mangrove Park for four months, four days a week subject to revision as we go through the period of COVID-19. It is expected that 40 young children will register at the cost of 100 Naira.

Twenty nine forms were given out today during the session today with parents calling after the session to confirm about the training. It is expected that more children will be involved as the news is expected to spread. The deadline for registration is May 11th 2020.

Also, matters regarding the structure of the training was clarified with Dr Weyinmi and Mr Iluwa from Sage Concepts. The total cost of the training is estimated at 271, 000 Naira.

To end the session, face masks prepared by Eunice was shared among the participants of today’s session with appropriate social distancing observed throughout the session.