Eat and Merry Boxing Day Programme of Say-Say initiative


As part of the expansion of our interventions to different communities, we partnered with Say-Say Initiative on their one day Eat and Merry Boxing Day Programme. This was held on 26th December 2018. While Say-Say\’s gave away 500 raw food packs to a cross-section of households at Makoko Ago Egun Community, a Lagos suburb, CMADl partnered to donate Bio sand/charcoal and ceramic clay water filters to Chief Aide Albert Jeye, Migbewe 11, the Bale of the community and kingdom Royalty Academy School.

According to the Bale, the school with about 160 pupils cramped in a barely 30ftx20ft classroom space (primary 1-6), spends about N800 daily each school day to purchase sachet water for the children to drink! The borehole sunk in 2011 by the Redeemed Christian Church of God, City of David Parish, Victoria lsland at the Bale\’s compound where the school is located is not safe for drinking. Bale\’s household, the school and numerous households within the vicinity only fetches the water for washing and cooking purposes.


Elated Bale and Head Teacher of the school- Mr. Benjamin Aide says savings on water purchase shall now be channeled to cater for other needs and  school attendance is expected to improve as the health of the pupils improves with the usage of these filters alongside the lessons they would gain at the WASH training slated for them when school resumes in January 2019 D.V  CMADl is also targeting the about 70 households of these pupils for a free filter in the first quarter of 2019. We hope you shall partner with us to donate one or more filters when we beckon on you?!! Happy and prosperous new year in advance!


Bale making his remarks!


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With Sarah,  Say-Say\’s Coordinator in black, Mr. Aide, Head Teacher on the left and Mrs Juliet Erikowa, Senior Responsible Owner, The Community Girl Project on the right.

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Sarah addressing the audience.

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Mr Henry Erikowa giving detailed working principles and product specification for both the biosand and clay filters to the Bale.