Filters Changes Lives: Building Community Infrastructure through Providing Access to Clean Water

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Henry Erikowa has been participating in PIND activities since they were introduced to Egbokodo in 2012. Through his organization, CMADI, Henry
has helped execute various PIND initiatives, creating tremendous impacts for the people of Egbokodo. One example is the WASH initiative, through which the BSF was introduced and distributed to increase the community’s access to clean water.
WASH case study OWNING


As a local resident, Henry realized that people living in Egbokodo have a handout mindset. “People are used to having oil companies operating here and providing development projects,” he shared.
However, through working with PIND, he recognized the importance of actually owning the project to ensure its success and impact. “Now, PIND is looking at you owning the project and training you to lead it.” Henry was empowered to become a lead WASH trainer in Egbokodo to bring the BSF to his community members so they use this appropriate WASH technology consistently, continuously, and correctly to gain better access to clean water.


Henry executed campaigns in his community to spread the WASH initiative and educate people about the BSF and access to clean water. He leveraged opportunities like the World Water Day to do radio interviews and raise awareness about WASH. He also set up WASH clubs in primary and secondary schools to promote broader WASH education. Initially, the project brought 50 BSFs into the community, creating substantial benefits for the Egbokodo people. “We find that people no longer spend money buying water and there’s now a decrease in the visits to health centers.”
These financial savings also come with an increase in revenue. Henry also hears stories of increased productivity. “Children have better school attendance, and it’s visible in increased production on their farms that mothers are not taking more time to look after them or to stay in the health center.”
Access to clean water means so much for the people of Egbokodo.


More and more people have now heard of and purchased a BSF for themselves. Henry is calling for more entrepreneurs to step up as WASH advocates like himself to further spread the adoption of BSF technology. Already 12 people have committed to following Henry’s social entrepreneurial path. This means more clean water and better infrastructure for the Niger Delta, all thanks to PIND and individuals like Henry.

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