Household Water Treatment and Storage….Increasing brands…. expanding frontiers!

Household Water Treatment and Storage….Increasing brands…. expanding frontiers!

Coastal and Marine Areas Development Initiative (CMADI) in a bid to keep up with one of the Foundation for Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta (PIND)’s strategic objective of providing Communities in the Niger Delta with safe drinking water through the introduction of the imported hydraid and locally produced Bio-Sand Water Filters, has gone ahead to include in the range, the Africlay Filter – a ceramic pot filter which unlike the Hydraid that has a waiting period of 21 days before commencement of drinking the water being filtered, provides users with the opportunity of immediate use of filtered water both for drinking and cooking!

Africlay Filter

The colloidal silver coated ceramic pot prevent the growth of biofilms while the pore size of the filter prevent bacteria and all cyclops from passing through. As a result of this, it purifies contaminated water for safe use as is done with Hydraid’s bio-layer and filtration sand accordingly. Both brands filter wide range of water, removing over 99% of microbiological contaminants that makes us sick.

Recipients of the Donation

It was joy all over Iteh Community in Ibaji Local Government Area of Kogi State on May 2nd, 2017. This was because Gospel Bankers Inc. and CMADI moved in to install the three brands of filters. There has been untold numbers of reported illness and deaths traceable to drinking water from Ijogun River – the Community’s main water source. According to a resident, ‘ typhoid, diarrhoea, dysentery and malaria are regular companions of virtually every household’.

Donor Organisation

Gospel Bankers Inc., an Ubeji based Mission-supporting organisation got to know of the Community’s plight through Agape Faith Ministries Endtime Revival Mission. Gospel Bankers first intervention was the execution of a borehole project comprising a 3000 litres storage tank and accessories which brought a lot of relief to a cross-section of the Community early 2017.

Filters at Work

The beneficiaries of the filters and other community members watched in bewilderment as their hitherto brownish water comes through the filters crystal clear and safe for drinking. As a result of this, the recipients shared tears of joy.  Mr. Daniel Akoje – the Head of Iteh Community and the Primary Health Centre were among beneficiaries.

Post Installation Monitoring

On the first monitoring trip from 20th – 22nd of May 2017, Rev. Linus Udike – the anchor person of the project, a resident of Iteh Community mobilised households. There were participants from neighbouring Ayah, Okpu communities and across the River Niger – Ilushi Community in Esan South East L.G.A of Edo State for a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Lecture. A total of 73 women, 52 men and 73 children were in attendance. CMADI’s Chief Operating Officer – Mr. Henry A. Erikowa took both the WASH Enlightenment Lecture and Practical Training session. The practical training session was on the production of biosand filters for some Community members including Rev. Udike.

WASH Behavioural Change

With those present exhibiting significant interest to change behaviour on WASH issues and own a BSF, CMADI at the close of the lecture donated 3 BSFs each for yet to be decided households in Ayah, Okpu and Ilushi. The filters are due for installation later in June, 2017.

CMADI Impact in Nigeria

With these latest deployments, CMADI has installed and conducted WASH trainings for WASHCOMs and groups all across Nigeria. We have covered Abia, Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, Cross River, Delta, Edo, lmo, Kogi, Lagos and Rivers States including the F.C.T – Abuja.

CMADI is continuing its enlightenment on WASH and these filters across the Niger Delta and far beyond and calls on more partners to support her efforts in deploying more filters to these disease stricken areas.