International Women\’s Day 2018: Timeyin Jane Ebijuwa


We are using the International Women\’s Day to celebrate girls, ladies and women in our local communities as they inspire many of the girls at The Community Girl Project. We present the beautiful, brilliant and articulate Timeyin Jane Ebijuwa. Timeyin Jane has volunteered with us at the Community Girl Project, teaching the girls how to make bridal ornaments. It was a wonderful class and the girls learnt valuable skills from her. She presently sells household furniture online as part of her occupation.

Name: Timeyin Jane Ebijuwa

Place of birth: Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

Places I grew up: Ekurede Itsekiri Axis.

Schools Attended: Yonwuren College, Warri. Brisco Schools and College Of Education

Current Occupation: Writer and Master in making jewellery, perfumes, bridal ornaments.

Dreams as a girl: I wanted to be a TV presenter and someone worth emulating. I am still living a life worth emulating by God\’s grace. I didn\’t become a presenter instead studied Political science and Social studies in order to meet up intellectually. I sought for admission several times, but did not get any as the admission was elusive. Instead of waiting further, I had to work with option B and sought for admission changing the course I had wanted. I was no longer interested in sitting idly at home and changing course seemed like a good option at the time. This worked out well in the end and I am happy I did not wait longer as that could have led to an idle mind, which could have been the devil\’s workshop.

My advice for young girls in my community is to trust God. It\’s a necessity. Believe in yourself, it is a priority. Always have plan B as an alternative so you don\’t fall out of positive cohabitation.

Timeyin Jane

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