FALCORP Mangrove Park

The Falcorp Mangrove Park, established by Henry Erikowa, is a move to promote eco and leisure tourism, situated in the Niger Delta Area of Nigeria.

Come enjoy the serenity and invigorating atmosphere of one of Delta’s Mangrove Forest and winding creeks! Located in the heart of Warri metropolis, off the Warri Reinery and Petrochemical Company (WRPC) Jetty, Road or via Ifiekporo Road, through Ubeji, the Park is a Pampering Paradise Retreat!

…Come! Surround yourself in the charm of singing birds and insects sounds,on an auspicious moments, view monkeys run through the mangrove or taking a joyful swing across the trees!

…Leave it all behind and put yourself first as you walk through the paths and trails of serene terrain!

Falcorp Mangrove Park……..unfolding the treasures of Nigeria’s tourism and leisure sector!

We shall be happy to have you come and enjoy the Peace and Tranquillity Falcorp Mangrove Park and indeed Delta State has to offer.

The Park which has become a one-stop destination for leisure, education, conferencing etc, showcases amongst other departments a mini zoo, royal museum, hall of fame, phytomedicinal garden, Nigerian history (Nigeria: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow), Ginuwa’s Ark of Unity, mangrove trail, art place, center for business and entrepreneurial development.


See the monkeys, fox, crocodile, hyena and don’t hesitate to have a handshake with Blacky – the chimp.

Royal Museum:

Museums are a great way to further diversity: enjoy an entertaining yet educating views of paraphernalia of the royals/nobles from far and wide.

Hall of Fame:

Have a star-studded moment at the Hall of Fame. Meet legends and celebrities. Get inspired by their lives and achievements to your own advantage.

Art Place:

A skill acquisition ground to showcase artworks and photographs across the land. Encourages seminars/exhibitions from related practitioners.

Nigeria: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow:

Draw inspiration from the long road Nigeria is coming from, see the challenges of today and be inspired to create a better Nigeria tomorrow.

Mangrove Trail:

Take a hike through the 300 meters long trail. Get a closer view of the fascinating mangroves enveloped in an unpolluted atmosphere due to the strength of the mangrove.

Ginuwa’s Ark of Unity:

Monarchy in Warri Kingdom is over 530 years old which began with the voyage of Prince Ginuwa – the eldest son of the 14th Oba of Benin Kingdom – Olua (1473-1480 AD). Read about it all at the Ginuwa’s ark of Unity and Sustainable Development.

Let’s Gallop:

Gallop around on horses. After all, life is a galloping fun!

Entrepreneurial Hall: 

Come! Have a view of various manufacturing plants, know about new products and technologies, and avail yourself with reliable business and trade information for start-up or to manage your business. Get bankable feasibility studies at moderate fees.

Meetings, Seminars, Ceremonies, etc:

The park is an excellent eco-friendly venue for meetings, film making, birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, seminars and the likes.

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