Successful 1st Community Girl Project Picnic

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What a day! It was our 1st Community Girl Project Picnic and Falcorp Mangrove Park played host to us. We were surprised by the huge turnout of girls and some families. The girls showed so much enthusiasm for the day. It was also the first combined class for the community girl project.

We started the day with dance and song presentations. We never knew we had so many talented girls in the project. They had a swell time showing off their #DancingSkills and #SingingSkills. After those, we had Miss Precious Udueyin with a #ClimateChange poem and Miss Tsayegbe and Miss Moyo Oneyor both supported her with drawings they made for the poem. It was quite enlightening as most of the girls got to understand the concept of #ClimateChange.

Proper #HandWashing was the next activity for the day as the girls displayed the right way to wash your hands after eating, using the toilet, returning back home, poking their nose, etc. They were also enlightened on the dangers of using filthy hands to eat as it can lead to contamination and illnesses.

The next event was #FirstAid as most of the girls showed they know what should be done during an emergency. The #FirstAid session was presented by Miss Precious Udueyin acting as the doctor and Dr Weyinmi Orighoye acting as the patient.

A #SpellingBee competition was held next to test the girls\’ spelling abilities. This was won by two of the girls (Miss Precious Udueyin and Miss Okeoghene Umude) with both scoring a perfect 20. The others did generally well but we decided to start a #LiteracyClass after the competition to help those who have problems with spelling.

Thereafter, the girls had fun playing at the park, eating together and generally being girls.

We had fun despite the rain and a few hiccups.

We want to thank our volunteers and sponsors Tsolaye Agboghoroma, Roli Iyabo Billie, Odion Hope, Afuevu OnakufeMeyiwa Wyse, Prince Wyse Olugbemi