TCGP 2019 – 1st Session Report – Women in Science

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Report date

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09 February 2019 The Community Girl Project Confidence Okome
39 Miss Anino Uremure Women in Science

Session Summary

The 1st session of the community Girl\’s project 2019 started with a warm welcome of the girls and a brief discussion with the girls on our plans for the year.

The main programme of the day was WOMEN IN SCIENCE. We dedicated the day to commemorate the international Women in Science day. Our learning for the day cuts across learning about the different branches of science to reading stories of different women around us who are in the field of sciences. We read the stories of Miss Toyosi from Lagos (Micro Biologist, Environmental Health Specialist) and Mrs Jennifer from Warri (Mathematics Educationist, Accountant).

We were honoured by the presence of Miss Anino who took out time to tell us her story as a woman in science. Miss Anino told us her intention was to study medicine but due to some challenges, she is now studying biology in the university of Abuja. She told us how she struggled to gain admission, having to write jamb four consecutive times, had to work at a point to meet financial needs, learnt how to bake and do make-up to avoid staying idle while still seeking admission, almost got discouraged on going to school. She told us that though still having challenges of how to balance academics and working/hustling to meet her needs, she is still scaling through with the help of God and the good people around her. Despite the challenges, she scaled through and presently studying biology. She has come to love the course.

Conclusions and Lessons Learned

  1. Never give up no matter the challenge
  2. Never be idle
  3. Choose good friends
  4. Have high self esteem
  5. Keep learning and be focused.

Our 1st session was inspiring and motivating as many of the girls couldn’t keep their excitement as they shared how they are going to put what they have learnt to action.

Refreshment and group photograph followed to end the session for the day.