TCGP 2019 – Body and Personal Safety: Sexual Consent and Abuse

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2019 TCGP – 2nd Session Report


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02 March 2019 The Community Girl Project Confidence Okome
40 JMSY Mena Akpoviri Body and Personal Safety: Sexual Consent and Abuse

Session Summary

The second session of the Community Girl Project started with a welcome of the girls from the Election holiday and a recap of the previous session.

Mena started by asking the girls about their age range and defining key words for them.

Safety: being safe, away from danger.

Sexual: relating to having sex

Consent: to give permission

Abuse: improper use / or using without permission

Personal: belonging to a person


P- Privates are privates

A- Always remember your body belongs to you

N- No secrets

T- Talk about secrets that upset you

S- Speak up

She told us about the age at which one can consent to sex which is 18 years and when one is independent enough to take responsibility. In addition,¬† one doesn\’t have to consent to sex with just anyone because they are of age but that they must put in mind the consequences of the action. She said never to be intimidated by anyone who wants to sexually abuse you and never be afraid to report such person to parents, guardian or anyone they know can help or call a helpline she gave. Furthermore, she illustrated different scenario on when to scream No, that private is private, No means No. Always Report any abuse incident and always share what they consider secret.

Questions raised by the girls

After her session, the following questions were raised;

  1. What should you do when your parents are the ones taking you to the person themselves?
  2. Why would some Family relative want to sexually abuse their own blood?
  3. What should you do when your guardian who sponsors your education demands for sex from you and threatens to stop helping when you refused and/or blackmails you by telling you all he has been doing for you?
  4. What do you do when the elder you report to asked you to keep quiet and not complain about such a little thing and even takes you to the abuser?
  5. How do you go about reporting when the abuser is always around?
  6. What about when you report, and your parents beat you and ask you what you were doing there?

All these and many other questions she answered with illustrations/examples.

She ended the session by telling them what to do in the event of any rape incidence;

  • Go to general hospital within 24 hours for a doctor\’s report.
  • Call the Voice initiative through her.
  • Report to the community Girl Project.

The session came to an end with the girls sharing their lessons, group photograph, refreshments and clean up.

Our session was interactive, Educative and Fun-filled.

Conclusions and Lessons Learned

  1. Private is Private
  2. No means No
  3. Girls need to learn to speak up if they have been subjected to abuse.
  4. There are consequences for every action one takes.
  5. Appropriate measures to take in case of rape