The Baby, The Mother and The Paediatrician: Basic Hygiene Practices.


In my medical practice, I have realised that many mothers have no idea that hygiene plays an important role in the health of their children.
I think it is quite simple to explain to them like I do.

Hygiene Practice for Mothers

1. Keep the hands clean because this is the quickest way to transfer germs. You know children love to put anything in their mouths. Don\’t forget as parents to also learn to wash your hands regularly. I tell mothers to bathe their children after playtime or school period.

2. Diaper changes has to be done clean. Please don\’t leave soiled diapers for too long, change immediately and also wash your hands after the process. A mother told me she wants the baby to poo very well before changing, but she forgot that it was watery diarrhoea. So she started using cotton wool to wipe the dripping poo. That\’s totally unacceptable.

3. Keep the environment clean. I have seen mothers mix up clean and dirty children clothes…Yikes. I have also seen soiled diapers placed on top of a table with ready to eat meals. Why do that?

4. Handle foods and drink with proper care. Make sure your pap is well prepared, wash the fruits properly. Wash utensils well. Sterilise feeding bottles. Just be careful with what the child eats.

5. Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Best practices is really important. It is just too much to overlook. Health workers have to keep telling the mothers.
Oya, let\’s us continue living with clean hands.

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