We Support Children and Youth to Reach Their Full Potential

What we are doing

The Community Girl Project

The Community Girl Project was birthed as a result of the burden we have for the young girls in our society. It is known that the girl child is at risk to many vices of the society that leads to long term consequences resulting in a failed society.

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Falcorp Mangrove Park

The Falcorp Mangrove Park, established by Henry Erikowa, is a move to promote eco and leisure tourism, situated in the Niger Delta Area of Nigeria.

Come enjoy the serenity and invigorating atmosphere of one of Delta’s Mangrove Forest and winding creeks! 

Skills for Living

We birthed a new project in January 2019 under our entrepreneurial development unit. We created the project to help train interested persons to go into small and medium scale craft making.

Biosand Filter

Bio Sand Filter is an appropriate technology device that is simple, in-expensive and 99% effective at removing disease-causing micro organisms (pathogens) from water.

Health Education Outreach

We are focused on preventive medicine. As such, we regularly organise health education projects to help prevent the occurrence of disease.


As an organisation that promotes sustainability, we have a running project for building and installing biodigesters that converts organic materials (waste) into energy in the absence of oxygen. 

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