The Community Girl Project

  • Miss Precious and Dr Weyinmi presenting a First Aid class
    Miss Precious and Dr Weyinmi presenting a First Aid class
  • Infographics of a climate change poem drawn by Miss Moyo and Miss Tsaye
    Infographics of a climate change poem drawn by Miss Moyo and Miss Tsaye
  • Some participants ready to give a presentation
    Some participants ready to give a presentation
  • Dr Weyinmi addressing the girls
    Dr Weyinmi addressing the girls
  • Girls from Ugbuwangue centre giving a dance presentation
    Girls from Ugbuwangue centre giving a dance presentation
  • Participants at the picnic
    Participants at the picnic

Please note this project has ceased.


The Community Girl Project was birthed as a result of the burden we have for the young girls in our society. It is known that the girl child is at risk to many vices of the society that leads to long term consequences resulting in a failed society. Teenage pregnancy has become far too apparent in our communities. We realised the girls get pregnant due to lack of self-awareness, inadequate education, poor knowledge about sex and inefficient usage of contraceptives. These have led to spread of sexually transmitted diseases.


We created a platform in March 2016 for young girls between the ages of 11 to 25 years, to equip them with positive tools and empower them in areas such as education, environment, health, science and technology, sports, leadership skills, life skills, public speaking, etiquette and skill acquisition.

This will enable them value themselves and become valuable to the society, and in many ways reduce the various challenges young girls tend to face as they journey through life.  In the last months, as the project commenced, we have seen tremendous responses from the community girls.


The project is held on alternate Saturday’s at two venues. The 1st and 3rd Saturdays are held at Miracle Teaching Centre of Word of Life Bible Church, Ugbuwangue. This centre caters for the participants from communities inside main Warri town such as Ugbuwangue, Ogunu, Ekurede Itsekiri, Ekurude Urhobo, Ajamimogha, Ugbori, Edjeba, Okere and others. The 2nd and last Saturdays are held at Falcorp Mangrove Park, Ijala Ikenren. This centre caters for participants from communities around the Warri Refinery which includes Ubeji, Ifie, Ijala Ikenren, Ajaetan, Egbokodo, Ughoton, Jeddo, Ekpan and others.

The project for now is self-funded with astute resource mobilisation. There are presently 4 tutors and they have varying skill sets. There is a Paediatrician, an Engineer and a Polymer Technologist/Teacher. We have also had more than 10 volunteers who taught different topics and introduced the girls to different skills.

VENUE 1: Miracle Teaching Centre, Word of Life Bible Church, Ugbuwangue, Warri

DATE: 1st and 3rd Saturdays


VENUE 2: Falcorp Mangrove Park, Ijala Ikenren, Warri

DATE: 2nd and Last Saturdays

TIME: 9:00AM-12NOON (2nd Saturday)

11:00AM-2:00PM (Last Saturday)


We have taught topics such as girl’s hygiene, self-esteem, healthy relationships, what I don’t want to become, sexually transmitted diseases, asthma, vertical farming, indoor plants, teenage pregnancy, menstruation, politics and geography. We have to-date had about 300 girls who have attended at least 2 classes. .

We presently can’t fund a full skill acquisition training, so we simply introduce the girls to skills. We have had bead making classes, gele tying classes (headtie), computer class, fascinator and hand fan class. We have paid for one of the participants who wanted to learn bead making to be trained and she has completed her training.

We have discovered during the course of the project that some of the girls have been abused and raped by close family members, while some have had near misses.


We hope to affect more than 2,000 girls within Warri and its environs. This is achievable with funding and more publicity for the project .

It is our dream to have a community girl hub that would serve as a skill acquisition centre, a library, a rejuvenation centre and a meeting place for young girls.

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