What We Do

Advocacy and Training

Knowledge they say is power. The importance of training and advocacy in a society cannot be over-emphasized. Training and advocacy are very vital in any society that aims at progressing by enabling the process of acquiring the essential skills required for a particular job.

Capacity Development

CMADI supports capacity development initiatives of governments, civil society organizations, private sector and other institutions through advocacy, training and implementation services.

Energy & Environment Conservation

Due to increasing globalization, production and consumption are outpacing the renewal capacity of natural resources and the capacity of governments to manage pollution and wastes. International concern about global climate change is increasing the attention being given to these issues. The impacts of climate change and pollution may be very serious to most communities in the Niger Delta many of which are ill-equipped to deal with the resulting effects on agricultural output, labour productivity, health and internal displacement. The poor are disproportionately affected by environmental degradation and lack of access to clean, affordable energy services.

Eradication of Poverty

It is only when there is an inclusive growth that economic growth will reduce poverty, improve equality and create jobs in the rural areas. Inclusive growth is also essential for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). CMADI is committed to make continual improvements in people’s lives, diversifying the economy, providing good choices and creating opportunities.

Our Involvement… CMADI promotes inclusive and sustainable human development and works to reduce poverty in all its dimensions. We focus our efforts on making growth and trade benefit everyone in rural communities. Our projects help to promote women’s businesses by providing micro-credit and entrepreneurship training, provide a coordinated system for mentoring vulnerable youths and preparing them for the future and revive cooperatives to help people make money from their farming activities.


Health programmes organised by CMADI hep to improve the health, safety and wellbeing of people especially women and children. We recently started health sensitisation programme at churches within Warri city that invites us to educate their congregation. We also plan on taking this to villages around us.

Peace Building

At CMADI, we believe that meaningful development can only thrive in a peaceful and conflict-free atmosphere. We work with partners to put in place measures designed to consolidate peaceful relations and strengthen viable political, socio-economic and cultural institutions capable of handling conflict and to strengthen other mechanism that will either create or support the necessary conditions for sustained peace.

Women’s Empowerment

CMADI focuses on gender equality and women empowerment because we believe they are a pathway to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal 5. The Community Girl Project falls under this aspect of CMADI.

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